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Queen of Oz

Queen of Oz Soap2Day

Princess Georgiana is the black sheep of a fictional British Royal Family. A PR disaster, she’s spent her spoilt, party-girl life plastered over the tabloids. On the back of her latest scandal her father, the King, makes the unprecedented move of abdicating his Australian throne in favour of his daughter. It is hoped that giving her some real responsibility will finally be the making of her – and if it isn’t, at least shipping her off keeps her 10,000 miles away from London.

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Genre: Comedy

Director: ,

Studio: ,

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 30 min


10 1 1645

TMDb: 8.714

IMDb: 6.0

86310 1


Starring: Anthony Brandon Wong, Catherine Tate, Jenna Owen, Niky Wardley, Rachel Gordon, Rob Collins, Robert Coleby, William McKenna,